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Tell Your Story-Carissa Hardage

    In today’s episode, host Carissa Hardage looks back over this first season of the podcast and shares why knowing your story and sharing it with others is so important. If you would like more information or personal coaching on exploring your story, or if you are interested in sharing your journey in the podcast, contact Carissa at or on instagram @myjourneyofaithministries and on Facebook at My Journey of Faith. You can find out more about My Journey of Faith, the On the Journey Podcast, and Encourage Retreat at

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We Can Trust Him With Our Scars

On a walk the other day, I found a leaf with a hole in the middle of it.  I held it up to the sun and the sun shined perfectly through it. It reminded me of the scars we all have.  It was a great illustration of how wounds and scars tell our story and how telling our story is part of our story.  The message from that leaf didn’t stop there. I carried it with me for the rest of the walk and eventually ended up at a pond.  I felt I needed to release it into the peaceful …

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Your Ministry Reach

        If you have a Christian blog, a website, social media, or any other means of delivering your faith in Jesus Christ, your witness can be seen world-wide.  The internet reaches many more than you realize.  If a country has internet availability, your words and videos can be viewed. You have an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. My Journey of Faith Ministries recently had the privilege of sharing some of our “Tell Your Story” videos with a women’s conference in the Congo.  These precious women yearn for more about Jesus and how He works …

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Are You Convinced?

The definition of convince is “to persuade someone with evidence or argument.” Most times, you have to have proof to convince someone of something. Matthew 13: 13 – “This is why I speak to them in parables, because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand.” As Christians, we are commanded by God to tell others about Jesus. It is not our job to convince others to believe in Jesus. Evangelism is not about ‘winning’ a person to Christ, but about proclaiming the truth of the Gospel, with the exception that God might …

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Encourage One Another

The last few years have been an incredible time of growing and learning in my faith journey. I have learned so much that I want to share with other women to encourage and inspire them in their lives. Women are just such incredible people! We are CEO’s and writers and architects and teachers and wives and moms…and most of us, no all of us, will have struggles, uncertainty, tragedy, and hard times. We all have good days and bad days, hard seasons and seasons full of happiness. It is in those hard times we especially need each other. Support, a …

Many Believed

We, here at My Journey of Faith Ministries, are so excited to be with you as summer comes to an end and fall quickly approaches. This time of year always gives me a sense of excitement, a sense of fresh starts and possibility. I have many favorite stories in God’s Word, but those who know me know that one of my personal favorites takes place in John 4:1-42.  In this chapter we see Jesus leave Judea, and travel in His usual radical way…taking the path avoided by all Jews, the path through Samaria.  On this path, He stops at a …