The Broken Pot

I read this story about 18 years ago, I don’t know who wrote it but it immediately became a big part of my testimony as I could totally relate to it.

Once upon a time there were 2 clay pots. These were no ordinary pots for they could talk. One was beautiful and exquisite and the other had several major cracks in it.

The beautiful pot would taunt the broken pot every day. It said things like “I don’t know why they keep you around here. You are ugly and broken and can’t even do what a pot is supposed to do.”

Every night the broken pot would cry. One day when the servant came to draw water the broken pot told him, “Just throw me away. I am not decorative or useful and I can’t even do the one thing a pot is supposed to do! ”

The servant just smiled and said watch the path. When they got back to the Master’s house the broken pot said again, “Throw me away! I did it again, as much as I try I can’t even hold my water!”

The other pot smirked. The servant said, “Did you watch the path?”

“Yes” the broken pot said weakly.

“Then you must have seen the beautiful flowers along the path. You see, I use you to water the beautiful flowers that grace the Master’s table!! ” said the servant.

Friend, I don’t know where you are today but let me assure you that each one of us are flawed broken pots. And even if you feel you are not doing what others think you should do, just know that God is using you to leak out His love, mercy and grace in order to ‘water the flowers’ that grace His table!

Be encouraged today!!


Kelly Davis