The Creation Prompts Praise To The Creator




“O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth!” Psalm 8:1

The life of a shepherd was a lonely one. David, the author of Psalm 8, spent a good portion of his younger years in nature and isolation. No street lights, no cities or buildings, and no human beings also meant no distractions … plenty of time to think and ponder.

As David looked to the heavens and beheld creation, he was prompted to worship the Creator. The vastness and beauty of God’s creation led to astonishment that the Creator both thought about David and cared for him.

Have you considered this truth for your life? Does beholding creation make you wonder about God His existence, His plans for you, and His love for you?

When you gaze upon creation’s beauty, does it prompt you to worship God? If you struggle to find words to adequately praise God, why not borrow the ones above from David?

I’d like to challenge you to read Psalm 8 this week in its entirety, then make some time to enjoy the world God has created for you and worship Him for His provision. When we look at the wonder of all His creation, how can our response be anything other than praising His majestic name?

Laura Macfarlan