The Cross of Christ part 1





Intersection, Substitution, Completion

Our journey through the Gospel of Mark brings us to the pinnacle of our faith, the reason we have hope, and the very essence of the gospel message.   The Cross of Christ.   Today’s devotion is devoted to the word intersection.


As we study Mark 15: 21-47 and the crucifixion, death, and burial of Jesus — God has given me three key words that convey three key truths:

1. Intersection

 2. Substitution

3. Completion

The Cross of Christ represents all three.


Of course, the Cross is a literal intersection – we see two beams, one horizontal and one vertical, fastened together.  The place where they meet is the point of intersection.  Spiritually speaking, the Cross is where truth and faith intersect – where an awareness of our sin intersects with His provision of grace and faith is born.  Our journey through life on our own climaxes with our new journey of faith in Him.

At the cross we see the intersection of God’s character – His Justice & His Love.  Without the cross, God would have violated his own nature.  His justice demanded payment for the sin of the world.  To be true to His own character, justice must be served. God’s character is also one of great love.  His love brings the desire that none should perish, but all have eternal life.  He makes that possible through the gift of His son.

At the Cross we see the tension:  God’s love constrained by His justice…and His justice constrained by His love.  They come to a point of intersection at the Cross and in the Person of Jesus Christ.

What does the Cross mean to you?  Is it the intersection in your life?  The point where your flesh and your spirit collide?  The place where the realization that you are a great sinner intersects with the realization that Christ is a great Savior…and Faith is born?

The child of God must return to the Cross for perspective and re-alignment in her journey.

We begin our journey of faith at the cross…and we continue on by returning to the cross.

What in your life needs brought to the foot of the cross?  Where do you need re-aligned…or need your mind renewed…where do you need to re-commit….re-dedicate…be reminded of who you are in Christ?

When the world and circumstances and challenges of life bring confusion and seem to flip us inside out and upside down, only the Cross gives us the perspective, the purpose, and the PEACE we so desperately need.

The woman of God meets Jesus at the cross, the place of intersection.

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Laura Macfarlan