The Gift of Giving




“The generous will be made rich, and he who waters will also be watered himself.” Proverbs 11: 25

When we brought Lisa home, we knew that we were helping her. We also knew that as we poured out to her, God would pour into us as well. This is a Biblical principle. We don’t expect it, but we have seen it time and again from experience. We know from the verse above that as we live generously we will be made rich. We understand that this isn’t necessarily a material wealth, but rather a spiritual wealth. Generosity of soul doesn’t only come forth in the form of monetary giving. It also springs forth in the form of time, helping others, interceding in prayer on another’s behalf, sitting with someone as they grieve, demonstrating love, making meals, and so many more things.

As we in the church body are generous with those around us, we will be made rich. We will experience deeper relationship in Christ, bear a good testimony, enjoy better relationships, and be more at peace. Being generous isn’t done in order that we may gain, but instead it flows out from the love of God which is poured out in our hearts. Generosity isn’t worked up, but rather naturally occurs.

While we were giving to Lisa, she was giving to us. Out of her lack she found things to give to us. She offered to fold laundry for me. She wanted to help around the house. She bought a pizza for the kids and made a cake for our church family on Sunday morning. She shared her story and heart with us. As she gave out of a place of gratitude, she also was blessed. What a beautiful things to see! A woman who had nothing being blessed and then being a blessing in return.

If this woman who had nothing could find something to give, how much more could each of us? This thought truly challenged me. What if I didn’t buy a latte and instead saved that money to put towards something the Lord brought to mind? What if each time I was going to buy a coffee or cookie (or whatever it may be) I instead put that money in a jar? And when it gets full I could ask the Lord what to do with that money I had saved? The old adage comes to mind…giving isn’t really giving unless it costs us something. Allow the Lord to challenge your thinking in this my dear Christian. May we not get complacent in our walk but instead continually be challenged!


Tina Wanamaker