The God of Comfort



Many times, when we think of God and his interactions with mankind, we remember some of the harsh punishments He inflicted such as when Moses was not permitted to enter the promised land because God was angry with the Hebrew people for their unfaithfulness, or the instances when invading nations were permitted by God to conquer the Hebrews because they had turned from God and were worshipping idols. Yes, God expects us to be obedient to Him and to worship no other gods, but God is compassionate as well.

The Old and New Testaments are filled with examples of God’s forgiveness, love, and compassion for his people.  When Hannah prayed for a son, though she had always been barren, the Lord gave her the desire of her heart. (1 Samuel 1:27). God showed favor to Sarah and Abraham and gave them a son even though they were advanced in years (Genesis 21:1-2).  I’m sure Daniel or David would chime right in here and tell their own stories. Daniel, though face-to-face with a den of hungry lions had faith in God’s love and compassion for him. (Daniel 6:21); David bravely faced Goliath with only a sling shot because he believed in God’s power to protect him (1 Samuel 17:45-50).

In each of these examples, God was ready to show compassion, so why should we doubt that God would be less so for us. Moving to the New Testament, Jesus is the perfect example of love and compassion. Even when hungry and exhausted, he healed the sick and fed the hungry. Jesus demonstrated a selfless love such as the world had never seen. Everyone he met was impacted by his love and humility. He truly cared for the people he had come to save—not by words alone, but by offering his very life so that we have a path to living forever with Him in heaven.

In our weakest moments, when it seems as if the walls are closing in and we don’t know where to turn, God is waiting. He longs to enfold His children in a loving embrace and provide the comfort so desperately needed. People may fail or misunderstand us, but God is perfect in his love. The greatest part is that He is always present and will never dessert us. A whispered prayer is all that is needed to engage the most powerful source of comfort there is.

Prayer: Loving and compassionate Father, thank you for providing all that we need. Your love sustains us in tough times and strengthens us to face whatever challenges life brings our way. We praise you and give all the glory to you.  AMEN

Scripture:  “But you, Lord, are a compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger and abounding in love and graciousness” Psalm 86:15

Debra Ison