The God of Details

I love the beach. It is my happy place. The smell of the salt water, the steady pounding of the surf, even the prickles from the sand, are a pleasure to me.  I, who am not in great physical shape, can walk for hours at the beach.

It is like a treasure hunt. First looking out into the ocean, hoping to see a dolphin, then in the air, maybe a brown pelican will cruise by, but it is the shells on the shoreline that are the most captivating. I walk a little then stop and sift through the sand, so many shells to choose from, all colors and sizes, some broken some not. I can remember saying to God one day, “You know it would make me really happy if I looked down and found a perfect conch shell.” Then less than a minute later, I looked down and there it was, the smallest yet most perfect conch I have ever seen. I had pictured in my mind a large shell, but my niece said, “God knew you would want to show it to everyone, so he gave you one small enough for your purse.” When I look at this shell, I also think God wanted me to remember, he pays attention to the details. No request is too small to ask of him.

Dear Lord we pray for trust. Let us not wait for the big things, but to come to you in prayer about every detail of our lives and person, for we know you care about it all.

Luke 12:7   Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid

Linda Cumbie