The Holy Spirit Helps Us Forgive

Forgiveness does not come naturally as mentioned already. The natural impulse is to get even or bear a grudge against one who has intentionally or unintentionally offended us. And I might add here that many individuals wear a chip on their shoulders and take offense when no offense was intended.Such individuals usually suffer from poor self images and it takes little to further damage their images.

On the other hand there are those who appear to boost their own pride by hurting others. For example the school bully and leaders of gangs. In between are those who unintentionally hurt another, but in each case forgiveness is necessary and does not come easy.

First of all, we should pray asking God’s help: because we need His grace to forgive and He is an authority on forgiving. When I consider the many times He has forgiven me, that is an incentive for me to forgive an offense against me. And as I pray it helps me to have the attitude of Jesus and Stephen and tell God to forgive my offender because she did not realize what she was doing.

What would my life be today without the Father’s love, conviction of the Holy Spirit, and the death of Jesus to pay for my forgiveness? I would be a bitter, cantankerous, old woman, but praise God,  He loves me and forgives my sins, and I should follow His example and forgive others.

Father, I would be most ungrateful not to forgive others; they are Your creation also and You love them. If believers, they are Your children, and You have no favorites; so You love the one who hurt me as much as You love me and I will to forgive her. I pray and thank You in Jesus’ Name.  Amen.

Doris Lisemby