The Problem Is Not The Problem


The Problem is Not the Problem




In John 4: 4-30, we read about the Samaritan woman.  She has gone to the well in the middle of town at midday to draw water because she was not welcome there in the morning when all the other women came to draw their water.  She is ostracized, broken, hurt and yet unaware of her greatest need.  She finds Jesus sitting at the well, He asks her for a drink.  I am sure she is thinking ‘what does this man want from me?  I have been hurt by enough men in my life I don’t need another.’

She cops an attitude… “What do you a Jew have to do with me a Samaritan woman?”  See Jews really disliked Samaritan’s in that day.  In fact most would go out of their way to avoid going through Samaria.  However, in the beginning of our verses it said Jesus Had to go there, and this is the reason why.   Jesus responded,  “If you knew the gift God has for you and Who I am,  you would ask Me for a drink and I would give you living water.”

She said, where is your pot, where is your well?  Is it better than my ancestor Jacob who built this one?  Jesus said whoever drinks from this well will thirst again but whoever drinks of the water I give them will never thirst again and have everlasting life.

Have you ever heard only part of a conversation?  She heard “never thirst again” and thought wow a way out of my circumstances!  I won’t have to bother with this community who ostracized me and I can live in peace!  See her circumstances were the symptom.  Jesus was not interested in the symptom but the root.

“Go get your husband…” she said I don’t have one, and then Jesus began to tell her of her history.  He was not concerned with her circumstances because the problem was not the problem!  She thought her problem was how everyone in town treated her.  Her real problem was she was a sinner who needed a Savior.

When He hit the root, her sin, she redirected the conversation.  Let’s talk Religion. When we get close to our root, our sin, our heart condition we want to step back and redirect to something else.  Snipping the flowers we see is easy, we can change jobs, mates, friends, churches and lots of circumstances to redirect from the root, our heart issues.  But God is more concerned with digging up the root that will just reappear if not dealt with later on in another circumstance down the road.

Jesus basically said I am not here to talk about Religion but about a Relationship with the Savior.  And that is Who I am.  When she believed He was the Savior, she changed completely and went into the very town where she was ostracized and told everyone about Jesus!  We often pray for God to change our circumstances when what He really wants is to change us!  Once He changes us our circumstances will not be ours to handle alone!  He will help us in all of them.

Today, have you been snipping flowers or are you ready to let Him have your roots?

Kelly Davis