The Tower of Babel




When we study the Tower of Babel Genesis 11 account, we emphasize the wrong motives of the people.  We can easily list them:  pride, arrogance, selfishness, rebellion, distrust, and seekers of fame.  Building their reputation was just as important as being united in building a city and a tower.

Also, just as important as motives, are their fears.  They were disobeying God’s instructions, “But you, be fruitful and multiply; spread out over the earth and multiply on it.” Genesis 9:7

Were they afraid of being separated, disconnected? Were they afraid of losing security and comfort?  Were they afraid of loss of power and control?


There is nothing new under the sun! Man is still trying to make a name for himself by not focusing on God and striving to be independent of God.

You know Facebook can be good for something!  Here is an illustration found on Facebook and credited to Zig Ziglar:  “F-E-A-R has 2 meanings: Forget everything and run or Face everything and rise. The choice is yours.”

Psalm 20:7-8  “Some take pride in chariots and others in horses (or towers) but we take pride in the name of the Lord our God. They collapse and fall, but we rise and stand firm.”

Today, don’t we still question God?  Will God really provide?  Can I really trust him?

God says “I will supply your needs.” When we let go and put everything in God’s hands, our stress levels go down and our peace level goes up as we rest in his presence and promises!

Janice Ramsey