The Value of Encouragement with Sarah Heer


Many, if not most, of us struggle with negative self-talk, whether it’s brought on from comparing ourselves with those around us or (like our guest Sarah) from life experiences that have manipulated how we see ourselves. This is where the value of encouragement comes in. Listen in as our friend Sarah Heer returns to talk about her mission to share encouraging words and statements with others in her sphere of influence in order to bring positivity to her external surroundings and her internal thought-life.

Resources mentioned by Sarah and Carissa include:
•Rachel Hollis- Rise Podcast and
•Annie Downs- That Sounds Fun Podcast and “100 Days to Brave” Book.
•Women’s Own Worth,
•For more info on the Enneagram try “The Road BacK to You: Looking at life through the lens of the Enneagram” by Ian Cron