There’ll be No Hypocrisy in Heaven!


It will be wonderful to live in heaven where no one will need to try and impress each other. And whether we admit it or not, deep within each life is the desire to be loved and accepted. I believe the most devout and famous preacher long to be accepted by his congregation. Pastors are human, and they want to be loved and accepted. In the largest churches, if attendance dwindled down consistently, pastors would be looking for other churches to pastor. I’m not suggesting the message be watered  down, but he wants to present the gospel in an appealing manner that will be accepted by those who listen.

A physician wants to be accepted by patients, and athletic coaches who do not have winning teams, soon are looking for another job. And I may be selfish, but find it much easier to teach a Bible lesson to individuals than empty chairs. Jesus was the Son of God, but was also human and I believe He wanted to be loved and accepted by followers during His earthly ministry. However, that being said, no one should teach or preach anything contrary to the gospel in order to be accepted.

We humans do all within our power to look nice and presentable. But many who spend money to improve their appearance, will not be concerned about such things in heaven. I’m not sure what kind of bodies we will have in heaven, but they will be perfect. I will no longer need my walker and hearing aid, and I will have healthy skin and no more skin cancers. My skin will be as beautiful as every other person’s.

Some think all we’ll do in heaven is praise God, and there will much time for that, but I believe in the New Jerusalem, where time will never end, God’s children will work. I believe it will be pleasant work based on our talents and work done on earth if that work was helpful to others. I know God has something special for each of us; maybe He will let me continue writing, but if so, He will give me the ability to type with all my fingers.

Father, perhaps I allowed my imagination to get excited as I wrote about heaven, Your word does not tell us all the details about heaven but enough that I know it will be a wonderful place to live and serve You. Thank You, Jesus for making it possible to have a home in heaven. I thank God in Your precious Name. Amen.


Doris Lisemby