Things Don’t Bring Contentment



Monetary Things Don’t Bring Contentment

I have lived 102 years and seen electricity replace oil lamps, furnish refrigeration to preserve our food, power to wash our clothing, and to operate many other appliances which make our lives easier. Automobiles, trains, and airplanes have replaced the horse drawn buggy and wagon of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Then there came telephone, radio, television, and we marveled that we could receive messages and programs world wide. And I never dreamed during my lifetime I would be typing on a computer.

With these and many other inventions, and with millions of dollars being spent annually on athletics, movies, operas, and other kinds of entertainment and conveniences, they have not brought contentment. And no matter how much money one earns, most want to earn more.

Since there is no contentment is any of these things, some turn to drugs or alcohol, which numb the feeling of discontent temporarily, but after the feelings of numbness is gone, the discontent is still there plus a feeling of guilt for trying to hide the lack of contentment.

Mankind has made great strides in many ways but none bring contentment. We can not turn on our televisions without hearing about bombings, suicide killings, murders, abductions of children or young people, and other horrible events; so things do not bring contentment.

Even our government does not have the answer. America was founded on Christian principles, but many of those principles are no longer held precious in the lives of many leaders.

Father, we believe you created mankind to know contentment, but since it is not found in things, we must look elsewhere. We need and ask Your guidance in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


Doris Lisemby