Meet “Tiffany Lott”

Tiffany Lott is a Bible-believing, Missionary Baptist who lives in Central Arkansas. Through a God-inspired marriage, her husband of 15 years has been incredibly supportive of her full-time job, where she travels nationwide, while attending college courses part-time in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Management. To try and be an example for her two young boys, she serves the Lord through her prayer, church’s nursery, and blog, where she shares her reflections from personal Bible Studies. You can visit Tiffany’s blog at


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Tiffany’s Faith Story

When someone has went through the experience of being saved by faith, through Jesus Christ, it is not something of which they would feel ashamed and hide. Even the shyest person, although they may have a fear of speaking to someone, should still have some kind of conviction to share their testimony. God provides the words and the way.

Having grown up in a Christian home (My dad is a Missionary Baptist minister.), I had more knowledge of the Bible than an average child. I remember being four years old in the Sunday School music room, thinking I needed to be saved. I went to my mom and she said a prayer. I felt much better afterward. I was baptized, and didn’t think much more about it until later.

Fast forward to May 25, 1992. I was 11 yrs old and I don’t remember if it was just a normal service or a Revival, but the sermon was on Hell. It scared me to death because I realized that I didn’t pray the prayer for myself when I was 4; my mom did. I was worried about going to Hell, but on the other hand, what people would think? A pastor’s daughter already having been baptized, is now getting saved? Scandalous!

Thankfully, my dad was always easy to talk to. I was too scared to make the decision and pray. One of Dad’s preacher friends happened to stop by that day.

So Dad asked him, (paraphrasing) “What would you say if someone had been baptized, realized they weren’t saved, and then got saved?”

His reply was so positive; something like, “Praise the Lord!”

That made me feel much better about any judgement of others to come. I sat in the floor of our parsonage living room in Corinth, MS. I remember wanting to do it the “right way” so I went through the ABC’s of salvation.

A-admit you’re a sinner
B-believe in the Lord Jesus Christ (his death for our sins and resurrection)
C-confess with your mouth. And so it happened. Jesus came into my heart.

There have been many times I’ve doubted my salvation since. Was I relying on my ability to ask for salvation the right way? I truly believe it was only because I was just a baby in Christ. I did not understand that there is no right or wrong way to do it. It wasn’t ever about how I did it because other than accepting Jesus as my Savior, there was nothing else I could do. HE did it all on the cross. (I Peter 3:18).