Time To Enjoy



I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and do good while they live.

-Ecclesiastes 3:12


The Israelites celebrated the victory of David and his men. The Israelites celebrated their escape from Egypt. There were several festivals from the Bible that they celebrated and enjoyed from time to time.

If there is someone who loves enjoyment and happy gatherings, it is God. God is the author of joy. Even Jesus celebrated and performed his first miracle, turning water into wine at a wedding. God loves making people happy because he loves us. Making you joyful is one of the ways God makes you feel loved.

God is not a killjoy. God is perfect in making you happy. He likes to make you feel the joy of being blessed by him. King Solomon, the wisest man of his time, enjoyed his life. He did many things for his enjoyment. God wants you to do the same. Do things that will make you and others happy, as long as they are good for you and others. God gave you a family so you can enjoy living with them, and God gave you your friends so you can spend time with each other with glad hearts.

Enjoy and be happy with everything that God has lovingly given you. Do not forget to thank him for blessing you. Today, you have a choice to be happy, celebrate, and enjoy it or not. Like Jesus, choose to be happy and celebrate.

Golda Dilema