Meet "Tina Wanamaker"

Tina is a lover of Jesus. She has been married to her best friend, Owen, for 17 years and they have 4 children. As a family they minister in the local homeless shelter. Tina also teaches women in the local jail. She has one book published with one in the works. Tina’s heart is to enter into the hard places with women which she does through discipleship, teaching, writing, and speaking.

Tina's Faith Story

Dear sister, I wanted to write this as a letter straight from my heart to yours. I was lost, but now am found. I was blind, but now I see. Jesus saved me right out of the hand of the evil one. And now, I am His. God is my Father and has been for over 16 years. Prior to that, I walked in darkness. I sat alone in my bondage, in my fears, and in my disgrace. But, God…I so love the ‘But, God’s’ in Scripture because they always indicate an intervention.  He intervened in my life in the way only He can! Since then I have been learning and growing.

There has been so much to learn…how to be a Christian, how to study and apply the Word, how to be a wife, a friend, a momma, how to minister on a heart level to others, how to be led of the Holy Spirit, and on and on it goes. God has been so incredibly faithful to teach me. He has loved me back to life. God took the broken pieces of my heart and mended it all back together. He restored me on numerous levels.

The Lord has spoken through His Word to my heart, granted me understanding when I needed it, and allowed me to teach that understanding to others. He has allowed me to write…Bible studies, devotions, and a book called, “Characteristics of a Christian Woman,” which details some of what He taught me in the earlier years. I am currently working on a book called, “Redefined in Christ”. This book is dear to my heart because Lord willing, it will set women free! It is the process of us learning to become defined by what God’s Word says of us and not what the world or others have said.

God has also allowed my husband and I to minister together. What a sweet blessing this has been! We both came into the saving grace of Christ within a few months of each other after being married about 18 months. God brought us both from a place of darkness in our marriage to a place of light and love. And now we minister to individuals and couples through discipleship. We also go to the homeless shelter as a family with our four children. Some years ago the Lord called me into jail ministry which I have loved from day 1. I feel so privileged to get to watch what God does there in the jail. I’ve also been extremely blessed to be able to speak at various events including retreats, brunches, and gatherings.

The two things I would like you to know about me are…1) My first desire is to know Jesus more (Philippians 3: 10), and 2) I am not perfect.  I make mistakes just as everyone else does. Although I feel incredibly blessed by God, there have been struggles. These struggles have helped to define me in Christ. It has taken much time on my knees and much waiting on the Lord to move out of some of the “old ways” that still existed after we came to Christ. Please don’t think that Owen and I have it all figured out…we are simply doing the best we can to love Jesus in each moment and to love the people He brings around us.

My heart’s desire is that you, my dear sister, would know God more, that you would seek Him further, that you would practically apply His Word. And if I can be any part of that journey…then praise His name! Be blessed in your own journey. May you be the fragrance of Christ to a dying world. May others see the light of Christ shining forth from you. And may you be found in Him…all for Jesus! With much love and only in our Jesus, Tina

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