Too Many Hats!

Day by Day Devotions

None of us want to believe that we can ever have too much of a good thing: attention, money, desserts, etc. However, in the back of our minds, most of us can admit that we know excess leads to problems.

Too much attention = aggravation (especially for us moms)
Too much money (yeah, it happens) = discontentment and selfishness
Too many desserts = well, that’s a no-brainer.

I also think there is something often overlooked in most of our everyday lives that can be considered “excessive”, and that is the number of hats we wear. I’m not talking about fedoras, caps, etc. I’m referring to the many roles we play in order to juggle the many balls that we do, each and every day. While we do have to be able to do many different things for the lives we live, I also believe we can juggle too well and have too many balls in the air. I don’t believe God wants us to all be “professional” jugglers. He wants our focus and He wants us to become excellent, but in the things that HE wants us to be excellent in (not necessarily everything we can fit into a day).

Personally, it thrills me to test the waters of many different things, and as a whole there is nothing wrong with it; however, when I let my “dabbling” get in the way of growing and excelling in the areas God wants me to, then it is a problem. I often dabble in everything from art, music, writing, teaching, cooking, decorating, research, crafts, plus much more. While this is fun and gives me a good connection point to be able to speak to many different people, I do not excel in any of these things. I’m OK in a lot, and when it comes to hobbies I do not see this as a problem. Yet, relating this to life and especially to my spiritual walk- am I just “OK”? Is that really what God wants? Is OK enough for Him?

Don’t get me wrong- I do not believe that we need to push ourselves to the point of exploding just to say we are the best at something… this is pride and is not what
God desires of us. Striving for our personal best is not done in order to beat everyone else; it is simply deciding not to settle in the mire of mediocrity and instead to discipline ourselves to be everything God wants us to be. God does not want a lukewarm Christian in faith or in works because the work that we do is not for man, but for God. Because of this, we have to be willing to do our best and give our best.

“Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance. It is the Lord Christ whom you serve.” (Colossians 3:23-24)

There are no mediocre “greats” in the world or in God’s kingdom. Everyone that God has deemed “great” have given their all and devoted their lives to their calling. (Even if that calling is to make blankets and clothing for widows; as Tabitha did in Acts 9:36-42). God will rarely use men and women who are unwilling to work and do their best for Him; it shows a lack of commitment to Him and even worse- a lack of love and appreciation for what He did for us on the cross and what He continues to do everyday.

God gave us His best, how can we not be willing to give ours? This means that laziness (on top of it being sinful) will keep us from doing great things for God and in turn, will keep us from receiving great things from God. We cannot be lazy and lethargic, but at the same time, we should not be overburdened or overworked either- juggling our tasks as if the world depended on us doing just that.

There are many tasks that we must do in order to make ends meet or in order to accomplish something that the Father DID put in our lives; but here I’m mainly referring to everything else that we allow to take up our time. We have to make sure that the work we’re doing (including the work that earns a paycheck) are the things God wants us doing. So, when we’re not doing our “necessities” (working, feeding the family, teaching the kids, etc.) what are we doing? What takes up the rest of our time and is it something that God wants us to excel in? Remember: our success is not for us, it is for God’s glory so He can use us to reach others for His kingdom.

This might mean that you need to re-evaluate the time that you have… sit down and list out the things that you HAVE to do, things that you NEED to do, and things that you WANT to do. (That’s right, the list-maniac is advising you to make a list- go ahead and act surprised.) This might be a good wake up call to see if there are things in your life that can be weeded out in order for you to better excel in the things God wants you to be your best at.

Wearing many hats is sometimes necessary and juggling is oftentimes the only way we can make it throughout the day. However, are all those hats necessary? Do all of those balls have to stay in the air; and if they do, are you the only one that can juggle them? Be honest with yourself- your nerves, your spirit, and (more than likely) your family, will thank you.


Cassie Weller