Meet “Tracy Arntzen”

Tracy Arntzen is a passionate wife, mother of 3 sons and longtime student of the Bible.  Raised socially Catholic, turned Jesus follower at the age 30, she continues to seek HIS presence and His journey for her life.  She has served in various ministries for almost 3 decades and has been participating and teaching Bible studies on a variety of platforms and subjects.  She has a heart for orphans, homeless, the lost, international missions and living full in spite of mental illness effects on her family.  Tracy and her husband, Jay, reside in north Georgia where she enjoys everything outdoors: golf, tennis, cooking for others, sunrises and sunsets.  She is overwhelmed by God’s power and holiness in His Creation.   The Arntzens own an elevator company and have founded an orphan care ministry, Saving Susan Ministry.

Mental health issues have touched her family and looking back over the decades, she  points to one personal discipline that has strengthened her:  Prayer and Bible study.   For the past 8 years, her family  has been transparent about mental illness.   They have allowed others to peek into their journey and often others see similarities.

Tracy publishes devotions to encourage those whose loved one suffers from mental illness  Her openness about the subject matter provides encouragement.  Stigma is reinforced by silence and her conversations help banish the shame associated with mental illness. The stigma is slowly falling away but — like any wall — it requires  hardship and loss.

The field of mental health is often complicated and clear answers are not easily found.  This  Bible study will help others find strength and the presence of God in the middle of mental illness and its effects.




Tracy’s Faith Story

I have been comforted by God, my Heavenly Father,  in more ways than I can count and He has called me to comfort others.  It is my hope that you find comfort and, given the opportunity, you can comfort others walking a similar journey.

Mental health issues have touched our family and looking back over the decades, I point to one personal discipline that has strengthened me: Prayer and Bible study. Prayer was and continues to be key in walking through our journey. This gives me the assurance of knowing my Heavenly Father and His great love for us.

The past 8 years we have become transparent about mental illness within our family. We have allowed others to peek into our journey and allowed others to see the similarities. Those similarities are often a source of comfort because of the stigma. The stigma is slowly falling away but – –  like any wall – – it requires hardship and loss.

I have walked through intense difficulties as I am sure you have. I choose to pray through those seasons and, through praying, I have seen God’s presence in astounding ways. God changes my perspective through prayers, grants me wisdom and recognize His love beyond measure.

Prayer has become my lifeline but more it has become my JOY. It is where I seek and find the Lord and there is no greater joy than knowing He is by my side no matter what life brings.

Praying over any circumstances gives me assurance— whatever the outcome—I am confident it is God’s willThrough prayer I have learned to listen to God and found inspiration to follow His leading.