True Sacrifice of Praise

Reflections from Corinne’s Garden:God’s Designed Pathway to the Sacrifice of Praise


True Sacrifice of Praise

Philippians 4:13“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

It’s raining in Corinne’s Garden; I’m sitting in a sheltered corner enjoying the fresh, renewing shower.  In today’s devotional we will finish off our week by following God’s Designed Pathway by going to the Word of God to learn of our true sacrifice of praise.

My thoughts are centered on how God continues to renew my mind as He teaches me what a true sacrifice of praise is. It’s praising Him for His goodness even when there is no goodness in sight.  My inspiration has been focused on the devotional series you have read over the last six days. I wondered if it might enter your head to ask…what qualifies her to encourage me?

Dear friend, just like you I am a sinner saved by grace…empowered by the Spirit of God……but I write from a life that can understand many sorrows but also joys in Jesus that you might have experienced or are experiencing. I know what it is to hear – we are moving again, we are struggling financially, you will have to find a job; what it is to return to college at age 50, loved ones who say I am pregnant (not married), I am jailed, I am gambling, I am getting a divorce, we are leaving for Africa as missionaries, my child is disabled, my wife is mentally ill.

Many times I have sat with head bowed so low I thought I would never lift it again; tears pouring full stream over the sorrow that confronted me. The despair was so great that I knew my flesh would fail me, but not my Lord Jesus. Oh, friends go to His Living Word you will see the phrase, Through Jesus over and over.

Our Day one scripture focused on Hebrews 13:15 where we were shown that it is through Jesus that we can lift our sacrifice of praise in any circumstance. Today in Philippians 4:13 we see the Apostle Paul encouraging us with these words: Through Christ, who is strengthening me, and does continually strengthen me; it is by his constant and renewed strength we are enabled to lift our sacrifice of praise as we wholly depend upon him for all our spiritual power.”

Thoughtful Reflection

What can you do to lift your sacrifice of praise to God in the midst of your current circumstance?

Nancy Bjorklund