Trust Brings Overflowing Hope


“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace
as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13

Overflowing hope. Hard to ponder the magnitude of what that means. Hope on steroids? Hope beyond imagination? Hope that defies the imagination?

Perhaps it is all that and more. And it can be ours … it is ours!

This overflowing hope is one of the many by-products that come to those of us who trust in Him.

To trust in God is to rely upon Him.

To trust in God is to believe Him.

Trusting God changes everything. It brings peace and joy. It secures our destiny for eternity. It brings salvation—making us safe from the danger of our sinful nature.

If you trusted Him for salvation on that day in your past, you have a confident hope for that day in your future.

But what about this day—the middle part? What about the present? Is today just a waiting period that connects the salvation from our past to the glorification awaiting our future?

Not according to Romans 15:13. Read the above verse again. Our today, in this world, brings joy and peace to those who trust Him.

As we lean into trusting Him, we can simultaneously release the fear that bubbles up. We can let go of our need for validation or even justice. We can stop putting ourselves first. We can return kindness for rudeness. We can give mercy in lieu of meanness. We can love our enemy and turn the other check. We can be like Jesus. Because He has filled our heart with hope and peace and joy…we can let hope and peace and joy flow forth.

God, you are the God of all hope. It is in You alone that we have hope for eternity and hope for today. I trust You with my future and I trust you with my today! Fill me with your joy and peace. Fill my heart and mind with overflowing hope. I pray my trust in You will overrule my fear of what today brings. You are in my heart…and I choose today to let You lead out in my responses.

Laura Macfarlan