Tuning It Out




Our smoke detector often beeps at us to let us know it is time to change the batteries. It’s chirping is ever present in our home, yet I wonder how long it beeps until we finally hear it. After hearing it, it’s still awhile before we get to changing out the batteries and getting it back on track once again.

I realize that I can tune out a lot of things. My children’s whining, deadlines, things that need attention in our home. I can walk right past eyesores and be okay with it, until something happens and it seriously needs to be addressed.

We can also tune out God. How do we do that? When we read His Word, even quote it to others, yet do not take the advice to our own hearts. When there is no change or transformation, as we walk right past that danger sign or tune it out, we fall short. When we tune out God’s message or warnings, no one benefits. Whether it’s an alarm clock, a squealing noise from under the hood of our car, we need to take notice and then take action. That beeping that seems annoying in the moment, may be the tugging on our heart from an ever-loving God.


“But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.” James 1:22

Theresa Serate