Vickie Henderson

I am Vickie Petz Henderson, M.D. I practiced obstetrics and gynecology for nearly twenty years, delivering over 5,000 precious babies at all hours of the day and night. Perpetually living in high gear, my life came to a screeching halt when I was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease called myasthenia gravis.

I was able to pedal my bicycle one hundred miles in one day, the next day I could only walk a few feet. It would appear my life was turned upside down, but I quickly discovered My Right Side Up Life  Believing I was disabled to be enabled, I found a richer, fuller life and a new position-Physician for the Soul.  I discovered encouragement and blessings through adversity.



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Vickie’s Faith Story

I don’t know how I missed it. From the cradle I attended Sunday school every week. I knew every Bible story and was the queen of sword drills. I was sincere when I stepped out on the red faded carpet and made my way to the altar.

My crisis of faith came early. I was seven years old when I questioned whether the Bible was real or invented to deceive. My internal doubts convinced me there was no God. I believed all the stories were fiction. One spring day, I gripped the chains and pumped my legs so the swing would go higher. With unprecedented acuity, I saw the blue sky, the green grass and the white clouds. With renewed spiritual vision, I understood through creation that God was indeed real. Soon I was baptized and my eternity was secure. My life didn’t change much, I was seven.

I read my Bible and tried to do all the right stuff and follow the rules. I failed miserably. Finally, I gave up and lived my own way for many years. As an adult, I joined an in-depth Bible study rather than Bible reading. A love for God grew out of knowledge of who He is and what He does for me. Finally I understood God did not want me to follow Him out of a sense of duty or obligation, He wanted my love.

The more I know God, the more I love Him. He gives me peace and joy that pass understanding and don’t depend on my circumstances. I have a deep passion for His word because He reveals Himself to me there. When my life turned upside down, He showed me His purpose for me to proclaim His faithfulness. Thankfully, following Jesus is not about following rules. It’s about a passionate relationship with a loving savior.

Dressing the Wound

This book will show you the benefits of forgiveness, warn you of the dangers of unforgiveness and give you practical steps to finally be free. As a surgeon, I have made thousands of incisions. I can testify, even excruciatingly painful wounds heal when properly cared for. It is time to dress our wounds.