After writing about Jesus appearing to others, Paul said He appeared to him, the least of His apostles, unworthy to be called an apostle because he persecuted the church of God. Then he wrote by the grace of God he became victorious. Do you feel like the least of God’s children? I do, but am thankful He loved me and allowed His Son to die on the old rugged cross to pay my sin debt. For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son to die for my sins. So at salvation I became one of God’s adopted children.

My husband and I adopted three precious children, and don’t think I would have loved a child to whom I gave birth any more. Though my husband and daughter died several years ago, during old age my two sons care for their mother. It is wonderful how God cares for His children, even the least of them. To God there are no restrictions or limitations to the things He can achieve. Do you and I believe that, or do we doubt God’s promises?  It is not the amount of our faith, but the object of our faith!


Doris wrote the following poem:

Since these devotions were written the week before Mothers’ Day, and after being restricted to home much of the past months, my son Doug took me for a brunch at one of the Disney restaurants. It was a special treat to spend time with him. Though we live in the same house, he is so busy I don’t spend much time with him.
      Ode to Mother
          The word mother brings precious thoughts to my mind,
          As I think of my own wonderful mother loving and kind.
         Other than our Lord, no one’s love is equal to a mother’s.
         For her love surpasses that of friend, sister, or any other.


         God placed much sacrificial love in each mother’s heart,
         And from that blessing her children should never depart.
         If necessary, for her children she’ll walk the second mile,
         And willingly she’d give her life to save that of her child.


          If a child should scorn her love or disgrace her name,
          Still he’s her son and she’ll continue loving him just the same.


Doris Lisemby