Vision is a Terrible Thing to Waste



“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18

Perspective is a game-changer.

Your spiritual vision is your perspective and it is based on the proximity of your relationship with God. Unlike natural vision, we choose life or death with our spiritual vision and we speak what we see accordingly.

When you visit the eye doctor for your annual eye exam, there is a device that they use to measure your visual acuity.  When the eye doctor position the lens, they ask you if you see better with “1” or “2.”  Based on your response, the eye doctor continues in this manner until they reach the proper combination for perfect (or close to perfect) vision. The end result is a clear image.

Just like with the eye exam, it is necessary to keep changing the lens of our heart to allow us to see clearly.  This is absolutely critical in Gods Word being revealed to us, especially as we journey through the different seasons of our lives.  As you grow closer in your relationship with God, your eyes will be opened to new dimensions.  In other words. The closer I am to my Creator, the more I see like Him! Not only do I see myself as He sees me, I see others through His eyes of love.

Numbers 13:33 gives us a synopsis on perspective in the story of the 12 spies sent to Canaan. While some of the spies brought back an evil report of so called giants in the land, Caleb’s report went something like this: Let’s go up and take the land NOW-I know we can do it! The spies who brought back the evil report compared themselves to their opponents and concluded from what they saw that they were grasshoppers–even in their own sight!

And my all time favorite prayer for vision is that of Elisha for his servant. In 2 Kings 6:17, as a host of Syrians surrounded the city with horses and chariots, fear tormented Elisha’s servant.  Elisha explained to him that there was no need to be afraid because those that were with them were more than those against them.  However, his servant was unable to see with his spiritual eyes.  And so Elisha prayed this simple prayer: “God open his eyes that he may see.” And God answered Elisha.

Is it a coincidence that Elisha was able to see but not his servant? If the servant could see the opponents army, why was he unable to see the God of the angel armies? Spiritual vision is a sixth sense. It is spiritual sense that does not come naturally.

Prayer focus:
Father God,
Thank you for my spiritual vision.
I pray that you will open up my eyes of understanding so that You can be revealed to me.  As I encounter You through Your Word, I pray that my eyes will be filled with light.  I know that when my eyes are opened to know the hope for which I am called, my life will forever be changed!
In Jesus name,


April McCullough