We Can Trust Him When We Step Out in Faith



The other morning I felt the urge to go on a walk outside, but I took one look outside and decided that was a bad idea.  In fact, I had reasonable justification not to go. 

1. It was foggy; I wouldn’t be able to see.  2. It was cold; I hate the cold.  3. I didn’t get very much sleep last night; I’m tired.  However, the feeling was so strong that I decided to get on my winter workout clothes and go. 

I got my music ready, mustered up the courage, took one step outside, and turned around, and went back inside my comfortable, warm house.  I decided it was better to walk on the treadmill in my cozy home.  At the 10 minute mark, the feeling was so strong to go outside and walk that I got off my treadmill and headed outside for real.  I was a little frustrated as I talked to God.  “God, is this you? Why do you want me outside?  I can’t see, it’s cold, and I’m exhausted.” As I stepped into the fog, I was covered with peace, and with each step, the fog cleared.  It wasn’t long before I was surrounded by beautiful greenery and vibrant flowers.  It was then I was reminded that this is exactly what faith is. 

Faith is taking a step when we can’t see when we’re uncomfortable and don’t have the strength.   He’ll take care of us. He always does.  He’ll meet us. He always does. He’ll surprise us. He always does.   After my walk, I was left wondering why we hesitate to step out in faith because it’s worth it. It always is. 

Today, my prayer for you is that you hold on to the words found in 2 Corinthians 5:7 today.  For we live by faith, not by sight


Jamie Edelbrock