We Run For the Glory of God


“I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work  you gave me to do.”  John 17: 4

Jesus, the Holy One of God, chose to willingly set aside His glory in heaven to be constrained by human flesh. Paul says this about Jesus:

“…he humbled himself and became obedient to death even death on a cross!” Philippians 2: 8

If Jesus is our example for how we are to bring glory to God, there’s pretty not much of anything left on the table.  We may not be asked to die physically (or we might), but how is God asking us to die to ourselves?

We were created to bring Him glory (see Isaiah 43: 7).  That is our purpose.  And I’m convinced that devoting our lives to anything less will only result in dissatisfaction and frustration.

Are you being asked to step up, step out…or even step back for His Glory?

When we begin in the starting block embracing the basic truth that we were created for Him, then perhaps it’s easier to expect (and even look for) opportunities to make much of Him.

The child of God runs for the glory of God!

Here’s a summary of the five Run-the-Race Truths identified in John 17:

1.We run because we know Him.

2.We run for the glory of God.

3.We run in the power of the Word.

4.We run in unity.

5.We run so the world will know.


Laura Macfarlan


For the detailed teaching on each, check out the audio here: