What Can an Old Woman Like Me Do To Help?


Be faithful to God though others aren’t faithful


Scripture: And while Moses was on the mountain receiving the ten commandments, the people tired of waiting and gave their jewelry to Aaron to use in making a gold calf to worship. When Moses came down and saw this; threw tablet down, breaking it into many pieces.


Would you and I have remained faithful; when all others were not faithful? I hope I would have been, but haven’t been faced with such a situation. It is difficult to stand alone, but is possible with help of the Holy Spirit.


Prayer: Father in heaven, have mercy on this confused world, People need guidance and strength as we endeavor to survive during these uncertain days. I’m thankful to be a child of the King and receive blessings which it brings. Praise and thanks in Jesus’ holy, righteous name. Amen


Doris Lisemby


Doris is 102 years old and still writes devotions as her service to the Lord.  God bless you Ms Doris! We love you.