What’s Your Focus?






Do you ever wake up with drama?  Many times I do, it seems there is always something going on to focus on.  During one such time in my life when my circumstances looked bleak God spoke something profound into my heart.

Philippians 4: 18 “At this moment I have all that I need even more than I need.”

God reminded me to stay in “this moment” with Him.  At this moment, God has provided jobs for both my husband and me.  We all had breakfast and lunch and there is food in the fridge.  At this moment all my needs are filled!  The Lord who spoke the universe into being has supplied all my needs and a lot my wants, even down to my sweet tea!!  When I choose to stay in this moment then I can have peace and joy. When I choose to step out of this moment then that is when all manner of worry and strife tends to keep me unsettled. This day I can choose to stay in the moment and focus on God and His love, faithfulness and blessings or I can choose to focus on the drama and circumstances that would have me in a state of unrest.  Choose you this day who you will serve?  Today I choose to serve Jesus focusing on my blessings and His faithfulness!

Kelly Davis