When God’s Voice Thunders

Recently, we had a series of pretty loud thunderstorms. The lightning was crackling like whips, as I listened to our late night newscaster report on them. Every time the thunder roared and the lightning blinked, his face cringed. It was pretty powerful.

The news anchor even said, “Sounds like the angels are bowling.” I laughed. I can remember my Dad telling me when this happened, “The Devil’s beating his wife.”

Usually, when I hear the thunder, I’d matter-of-factly say, “Yes, Lord!” I wasn’t trying to be smug or cute. I was merely answering to God letting His earth know He was still in control.

In Job 37:5, he is speaking with God, after a long period of unanswered prayers. “God’s voice thunders in marvelous ways; he does great things beyond our understanding.”

“When I listen to a roaring river, or the pouring rain, or claps of thunder, I can’t help but pause and be thankful for His presence.

When’s the last time you basked in His glory, at hearing the thunder or rain, bird’s song, or a cat’s meow?

Our God created each of these things, and they are truly marvelous. You don’t have to see them to appreciate them.  But they exist none the less. Take time today to wonder in the roar of God’s thunder.

What’s He trying to tell you? Are you even listening?

Lord, we marvel in your wonderful creation. Your majesty is shown in so many ways. Help us to be more aware of your presence, even in the thunder, as it roars. We love you. In Your Precious Name we pray. Amen!

Olivia Ostergaard