When There Are No Words





There was a time in my life when I was facing something that I couldn’t even pray, they were just no words. Here I was a pastor’s wife, a pastor’s daughter, and a mother and I could not even pray for my family. I was in one of the deepest darkest trenches of my life. I will never forget the feeling of being utterly alone facing the situation and having no clue of how to deal with it. I was up for hours during the night just reading aloud the word of God. I searched for those verses that applied to my situation, those could say the things that I could not. Fear was threatening to overtake me, In fact in some moments it did. I was in a battle for my family, my mind and emotions. I sought Godly counsel, I fasted and prayed and asked for my prayer partners to fast and pray with me.  A prayer partner gave me some verses on deliverance that I read aloud each day.

Psalm 107: 10-16. “Some sat in darkness and deepest gloom, miserable prisoners in their chains…Lord help they cried in their troubles…He led them out of the darkness and deepest gloom and snapped their chains…for He broke down their prison gates of bronze and cut apart their bars of iron.”

Slowly, I could see changes in the situation and I knew God was working. I didn’t feel Him, I didn’t hear Him or see the deliverance that I prayed for happen, but I did see the changes that I knew were His answer. God carried me and my family through that fiery trial and has led me to others facing similar circumstances. I have since used those verses for many situations including for myself personally. There are no better words than God’s to use over a situation because His Word has power and it does not return void!!


Kelly Davis