Who Are You Talking To?

Job 38: 4Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? Tell Me, if you have understanding.”

I got a big aha moment about 4:30 am one morning… I had a situation wake me up that I proceeded to pray and tell God how to fix it!!!

Imagine how presumptuous that was!!!  But nevertheless He waited until I had carefully laid out my plan and then said something that I say to Drew all the time.

“Remember,  Who you are talking to… in essence Who is the Parent?”

“Who is the One who knows the most about this situation?”

Basically He said… I AM!!!

Immediately I was taken aback and realized that I had been not asking for God to intervene but actually telling the God who made the universe with a Word how I thought the situation should play out…for “His glory” of course.

Without ever realizing how disrespectful I was in presuming to know more than Him about anything!!  Girl, it was a big AHA moment!!!  I so often pray specific prayers which are not wrong if I am asking for His will, however I caught myself telling Him what His will should be!!

Then He gently reminded me of Drew… I don’t mind Drew asking for anything because I love him and want to give him good things.  But when he tells me what to do I have a big problem with that!!  Wow, such a new perspective for me.  I have repented and asked God to remind me gently never to presume that I know what the outcome should be and to totally take my hands off and let Him be God!!

Praise God I am still a work in progress and He is patient and merciful and doesn’t deal with me as I deserve!!!


Kelly Davis