Who or What Would I Like to Be?





While we were children, sometimes we thought we’d like to be a certain favorite movie star or other famous person. Other times we thought we’d like to be in a certain vocation when we grew up. Perhaps it is part of childhood to fantasize, whether we express our thoughts or not.  I remember even thinking if I could be any of God’s other creatures, what I would choose to be. Perhaps I would choose to be a dove with a mournful song; a colorful humming bird with ability to flutter around pretty flowers and suck their sweet nectar, or a beautiful butterfly with colorful wings and the ability to sample nectar in different flowers.

For many years I was not satisfied with my body and who I was, but since I’m more mature in my relationship and walk with my heavenly Father, even if possible I would not change places with any one I know: because I’m someone special: because God made no other individual just like me! I was so special He selected who my parents would be, when and where I would be born, the color of my skin and eyes, and even the number of sisters and brothers I would have, and I was special to my earthly parents, also How do I know all these things? because God is Omniscient and knows all things.

Therefore, if given an opportunity to choose who or what I would like to be, I would choose to be myself. Many will never hear of me, I will never achieve great accomplishments, I’ll never amass a great riches, but I am unique and special. What a blessing! The individual God formed in my mother’s womb was born with an inherent tendency to sin and early in life my body became marred. But praise God, one day it will be resurrected a perfect body. Hallelujah!

Father, thank You for taking my sinful life and transforming it into the likeness of Jesus. I am sorry the process of sanctification


Doris Lisemby