Work After Retirement


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I found only one reference to retirement in scripture, and that was in Numbers about Levites’ requirement to be involved in active service and it applied to men age fifty years and upward: they should come to duty in service of tent meetings. And at the age of fifty years they should withdraw from the service of tent meeting. to serve in less important jobs such as guards.

Hope I understood this passage correctly, but you may want to read it in your Bible. If so, read Numbers 8: 23-26. It is a bit difficult to understand retirement being set at fifty years of age when many men lived to be old during Old Testament times. However, this requirement was only for this particular group, so let’s look at Joshua, who lived a long and beneficial life.

Joshua was between eighty-five to one hundred years of age when God told him there was a large area of land to be conquered.  Although an old man, God was not finished with his life and service. But after the great leader Moses died and God commissioned Joshua to be leader of the Israelites he gave this promise: As I was with Moses, I will be with you and never leave you. Be courageous for you will lead my people to land I promised your ancestors.

Heavenly Father, I admire Joshua as a man and a leader. Though old, You used his life, and I believe You are sparing my old life for a purpose; so I pray for courage and strength to achieve that purpose. I pray and thank You in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Doris Lisemby