Work While You Can



Some individuals must become unable to perform work before they really appreciate the blessing of being able to work. However, perhaps some who read this devotional are longing for retirement and restful days. But as one who took early retirement at almost sixty-two, my retirement days have been extremely busy years.

But if physically well and mentally alert, most individuals have a choice: she can continue living and making a contribution to society, or she can piddle away her time while doing unimportant activities waiting for the death angel to come for her. That is not my desire; so allow me to close with this little poem:

Let’s work today: for we aren’t promised tomorrow,

And time is not a commodity which we can borrow.

So let us work during daylight hours while still day:

It won’t please Satan, but it’s God’s intended way.


Heavenly Father, work has been an important part of my long life, and I believe in the New Jerusalem there will be work I will enjoy performing. Thank You for the privilege of honest work. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


Doris Lisemby