Worship in the Wilderness

Reading: Acts 16: 25-32

Acts 16: 25-26  “About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the prisoners were listening to them, and suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken. And immediately all the doors were opened, and everyone’s bonds were unfastened.”


This time that we are all experiencing together as a world is filled with so many emotions such as fear, anxiety, uncertainty, loneliness, depression and worry. It can be mind-consuming and heavy and with the weight of our circumstances pulling us down like a gravitational force, it is becoming even more critical to shift those emotions into deep reverence to the Almighty God by our act of worship. Worship is our way of honoring God and it provides access to Him on a different level and it requires us to be completely vulnerable before Him as we pour out our hearts unto Him.

Let’s look at this example in Acts 16: 25-26. Imagine for a moment that you were in prison with Paul and Silas and as you awoke from your slumber you hear sweet melodic sounds displaying honor and homage to God. What if you were not a believer?  I am sure for those listening, this came as a great surprise and maybe even annoyance since it was midnight after all but the power in their worship literally shifted the entire atmosphere from mourning to rejoicing. Even at this low place, they knew that tapping into God through worship would be a conduit to His grace.

Even in our low place, in our time of grief, angst and uncertainty, God desires to hear from us. God literally created an earthquake in that prison to shift the foundation creating freedom out of bondage just by their act of worship. And even in our wilderness season as we try to shelter in place escaping the effects of this modern-day plague, finding time and space to worship can literally lift the emotional tectonic plate that is making us so heavy.

Worship is freedom. It soothes the mind, creates peace in our life and it places God above every care, worry and desire. With many physical churches still closed, creating an environment in your own space and dedicating active time to worship Him each day is literally ground breaking.

Instead of focusing on what is happening or is not happening, shift that energy to worship. Acknowledge His power in your life. Make Him the priority that He is by purposefully using time in isolation to honor Him through your words, song and praise.

With this act of praise and honor, you may not only shift your own circumstance, but may in fact free others in the process by allowing God to hear you on a different frequency. As we continue our social distancing efforts, allot dedicated time to sing to Him in your wilderness. Draw your attention to pleasing Him through your praise and adjust your emotions from depression to elation.

Natalie Ragland