Yielding to God





I often think about how I could surrender to God, giving up all that I hold so tightly, but I never think about yielding to God. How do we yield to God? It’s standing back and letting Him work. When I hold onto things too tightly, I don’t see God working; it’s me working and waiting for the blessing. These are some practical ways I could yield to God’s will.

  • Do you devote each day to prayer time? Do you look away from the Bible and dive deep into the phone or computer? Step back, take a breath, and ask the Lord to increase your knowledge to prepare you for His work through His word.
  • Do you have a Servants heart? We know that Jesus’ ministry was all about that His love for others was sacrificial; he yielded to The Father in every way. His example of care and obedience was something we wanted to strive for.
  • Are you Flexible? When God called Jesus, wherever He was, He stopped and yielded. He never asked why; he would go. Has God called you to do something, but your will was so strong you did not yield?
  • How Pliable are you? Remember, God is the Potter, and we are the clay; if He directs your path and yields, you will see more wondrous works than you have ever imagined.
  • Are you Submissive? We see God asking His people to submit to Him throughout the Bible. When we submit to God, allow Him to take control. Everything we hold so dear seems to be at rest because we are no longer in charge of it.
  • Have you Humbled yourself? Have you sought forgiveness and laid everything down on the Cross? Have you said I will step back and not take center stage; I will stay humbled before you, quieting my spirit and keeping Jesus as the focus?
  • Have you learned to be Passive? When we become passive with The Lord, it empties us so that He can fill us and thus see the fruit in our souls as we yield to Him.

Each day is an opportunity to yield yet in another way to God. Ask God to refine you and teach you how to yield to His work and ways.

Nancy Sabato