Your Ministry Reach





If you have a Christian blog, a website, social media, or any other means of delivering your faith in Jesus Christ, your witness can be seen world-wide.  The internet reaches many more than you realize.  If a country has internet availability, your words and videos can be viewed. You have an opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My Journey of Faith Ministries recently had the privilege of sharing some of our “Tell Your Story” videos with a women’s conference in the Congo.  These precious women yearn for more about Jesus and how He works in and though a woman’s life. It was a humble experience just to be able to share our website videos with these women for God’s glory.

Even if your postings are on FB, Instagram, etc. or a large or small website, the Lord can and will use you to spread the gospel, disciple others, and speak truth.

Be mindful of the words you write or say.  And pray for the gospel to reach the lost in this world.


Sandra Hardage