Your Season Will Change


Ecclesiastes 3: 1 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens”

Have you been going through a rough time in your life? 

Are doors closing in on you and not opening? 

You are not alone! 

During your life walk with Christ you will face many trials and rough patches that you feel you didn’t deserve. You see things closing when you clearly prayed for an opening. Closed doors are a blessing but you don’t know that when it’s happening to you. You may have prayed, waited and expected God to answer a dream you always wanted and thought if you just obeyed Him that it would work out in your favor. But then a turn of events happen and you see cutting away of things in your life when you thought God was going to answer that prayer. Something has changed and the season you are living through is a bitter one. 

There is a rainbow!

God is preparing you for better things that He has planned for your life. What you may have thought was good for you, God has another gate for you to go through. Even though you cannot understand it during this time, it will become clear later and in hindsight you will understand why He did what He did for you.

But you will always question God’s plan.

When you are in a dry season and you don’t see God working, it is because He is preparing and changing you, training you for things that are ahead. There are people you have yet to meet and places that will require you to speak the gospel truth into lives of those who don’t know what Jesus did for them at the cross. You might find that the dry season wasn’t so dry, that it was bearing the fruit that you have longed to share.

What do you do when your circumstances say wait or move ahead?

How have you seen God move mountains in your life that only He could do?

How do you share when you are waiting on God?

Nancy Sabato