A Yielded Heart: Rebekah’s Story


As a little girl I would recite the wishes of childhood. “Star bright, star light, first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight!” But always, as long as I can remember I would always end it with “Dear Jesus, please hear me”.

Jesus was always a focal point in my life. My first answered prayer that I could visibly see was at 7 when I prayed diligently for a baby doll and on Christmas morning that exact doll was present under the tree. You may say, well your parents bought it, but I say God delivered it through my parents’ hands.

At age 26, as a wife and mother of three small children, after being in church and even joining a church as a teen, I met Jesus face to face. It was in the living room of our small family mobile home on 20 acres of land in the middle of nowhere and Jesus came into the room. The first time I audibly heard His voice He spoke such love words into my heart, “Rebekah (He called me by name) if you died tonight do you know where you would go?”  I could not answer with assurance. Then He spoke again, “It’s not enough to know about Me, you have to know Me personally.”  It was then that I surrendered my heart and life to God and nothing has ever been the same.

Just a few short months later, I was standing in line for prayer at a women’s retreat and the speaker said these words, “You are going to write books!  You can go to the bank on it.  Rivers of living water will flow from your belly.” I went home that night and told my husband and cataloged that away not to think about it again.

In 2005 I began writing about our motorcycle travels and about family adventures and memories. These stories began to take shape as devotionals. A couple of them were printed in the Heartbeat, the Christian Motorcyclists Association’s international magazine.

In 2009 I joined a popular social media outlet, mostly to connect with friends and family. A lady wanted to friend me and I just wanted this to be MY page.  I kept ignoring the request.  One day I was reading a post and she stated, “Fine if you don’t want to be my friend just tell me. Don’t ignore me.”  She didn’t write it to me, but God spoke again to my heart through that.

I said, “Fine, Lord, I’ll friend her. But I am going to give this page to You. You do whatever You want with it, it’s Yours, not mine.”  What a moment that was. I had no idea what God was about to do, but His plan was unfolding and my heart was changing.  I began writing little encouraging messages and before long they were full blown daily devotionals.

Friends began to say “book.” One friend in particular was weekly saying, Book! Others in my life would ask if we were going to put the devotionals into a book.   So in 2012 we printed the first devotional book, Oh Beloved! Live in the Light of His Word. It is available on my website at http://rebekahbeene.wordpress.com. It is also on Amazon.com along with the Kindle version as well.

God told me along the way to “Choose your platform wisely. Your platform is what you will be known for always.” Then I knew it had to be to tell people that God loves them and He’s for them. That ordinary becomes extraordinary as we learn to apply God’s Word to everyday occurrences.

It has been amazing to see what God will do with a yielded heart.  I would encourage you to continue to seek God’s face and let Him speak His love words into your heart. He has a plan and you are in it and He is the center of the plan for your life.

Anything and everything I am and have I owe to the Lord Jesus Christ. Without Him I would be nothing. Won’t you think about renewing your fellowship with Him? It’s worth it, as He will change everything for your good and His glory.

“Happy are those who hear the joyful call to worship, for they shall live in the light of Your presence, Lord.” Psalm 89:15


Rebekah Beene

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